Our Story

Since its launch in 1935, No7 has been rewriting beauty history, with the aim of helping women to look and feel their best every day. No7 believe that when a woman feels her skin is at its best and her make-up is just right, she has the energy and confidence to take on anything. The beauty offer from No7 has evolved over the decades. The 1960's was a decade of colour with rouges, lipsticks, eye shadows and nail varnishes in a dazzling array of shades. The 1970's focused more on natural ingredients and a return to our herbalist roots with an apothecary style skincare range known as No7 Original Formula. The 1980’s was all about creating more choices for customers to find the right skincare solutions and ranges were introduced for different age groups as well as different skin types. More recently, breakthrough innovations have come in the form of our ground breaking age-defying serums, specially designed to respond to the different needs of skin as it ages, and No7 Match Made Service which provides an accurate skin tone measurement and matches it to one of No7’s skin true shades, unlocking the right foundation colour and complementary products across concealers, blushers, bronzers and lipsticks. Continued investment in ground-breaking research and development, and responding to the ever changing needs of millions of customers every day, has helped No7 become one of the UK's favourite beauty brands.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

We’re so excited to introduce No7’s new communication platform ‘Face the Future’.

First launching in the UK in February 2019, our platform is designed to target Gen X women, acknowledging that these women are empowered by their age and belong to an incredible generation. Across our range of creatives, we will be showing skin in all its glory, captured in intimate close-ups.

Our women are stronger than ever and looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. They love who they are and who they are continuing to become, and have no desire to revisit the past, they’re ready to ‘face the future’ on their terms with No7 at their side.


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About Us: Research and Technology

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 12:18

Research and Technology

Since 1935, No7 has focused on delivering brilliant beauty solutions which help women to look and feel their best every day with products that be can be relied on to really work, fit into women’s lifestyles and be a pleasure to use. In this exciting, changing world it’s essential to continually refresh and deepen our understanding of women’s beauty needs. At No7, this is done through consumer research and product testing, and this understanding is used to drive all scientific research and innovation programmes. This has resulted in breakthrough beauty solutions like No7 clinically proven serums, helping women look great whatever their age, and No7 Match Made service taking all of the guess work out of finding the perfect foundation shade or the best blusher to flatter any skin tone.

Our Advisors

Our trained advisors offer a range of services in store to help customers with their skincare and make-up needs. This includes a Skin Reviver Plan consultation, where a tailored skincare plan is developed to meet the individual needs of customers, and Discover a Better Make-up Match with Your No7 Skin Tone Analysis consultation where customers discover the colours, shades and finishes which perfectly suit their skin tone. There is also a Macmillan Beauty Advisor service, where specially trained advisors offer make-up advice on how to help manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment.


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