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At No7 we believe that when a woman feels her skin is at its best and her make-up is just right, she has the energy and confidence to take on anything. The amazing women that feature in No7 READY advertising embody this energy and confidence to take on anything and have remarkable stories to tell.

Meet world champion surfer, Lisa Andersen
Amanda Foster

Lisa is a US based, 4 time world champion surfer. Named as one of the 100 greatest sportswomen of the year, and entered into the Surfer’s Hall of Fame, Florida-born Lisa has won almost every surf title there is, multiple times. Beginning surfing at the age of 13, she was the only female surfer in her hometown.

In the early 80’s, women’s surfing was underground, and surfing in general was seen as a man's sport. However, Andersen worked hard to impress her peers with her smooth but aggressive style.

After making competitive history as a single mum, Andersen's persona soon became iconic, transforming women's surfing more than any surfer before her. While women surfers still trail behind men in terms of pay and coverage, there is no doubt that female surfing would have missed a crucial burst of progress without the style and performance juggernaut of Lisa Andersen.

The Olympic Fencer wearing make-up for her, and her alone.
Meet Monica Aksamit

Olympian Monica Aksamit is at the top of her game. Following an impressive start to her fencing career – securing medals at Junior, Pan American and World Championships – Monica has gone on to represent Team USA at the 2016 Olympic Games, where she took home a Bronze Medal.

Monica loves wearing make-up - despite dedicating her life to a sport that covers her from head-to-toe in protective gear.

"Make-up is part of my armour. I like to walk out confident and when I've put on make-up I feel that bit more put together…. I feel ready."

Whether competing at the world’s biggest athletic stage, or training other young women into the world of fencing, Monica thinks of make-up as an integral part of her routine that she knows is there, even if there's a mask covering her face to the rest of the world:

" It empowers me. I’m not really putting it on for other people - I’m putting it on for me."